DEBORAH WARNER 1947 - 2012 : An Inspiring Woman and Artist

Hello friends,
Beth here. As a trained textile designer with a BFA from Moore College of Art & Design, I was very lucky to have been taught by Deborah Warner. She passed away last night after battling lung cancer. The news of her passing is quite sad to me, not just because she was my professor, but because she’s with me in one form or another every day I’m in the studio. I had a trio of incredible instructors during my time at Moore, and I hear them in my head while I work, always reminding me to push myself, to seek further, to craft better, to hold myself to higher standards. From Deborah, I always remember other important lessons: to relax, to enjoy what she would call “happy accidents”, and to remember to have fun. This is not to say she didn’t demand a high level of craftsmanship or push us into pursuing our concepts to a logical and sound conclusion, but she always knew the value of loving the rigors while journeying to such ends.

Today’s a sad day for me. I’ve been a bit weepy as I look at images of her work, or as I think about her and her warmth & kindness in the studio. She helped me through a particularly difficult senior year too, to which I’ll always be thankful. Moore is a small women’s art school, and our Textile department was even smaller. We all luxuriated in huge amounts of one-on-one time with our professors, and as a small tight-knit community of textiles artists, loosing one of our own cuts especially deep. But I’m thankful for her lessons, ever rattling in my brain. I’m thankful for her kindness, for the scores of artists that she taught and enriched along the way, and very thankful to count myself among that number.

Thank you, Deborah. We all love and miss you.

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